Allow scaffolding a screen by drag & drop of entity also to work if first 5 attributes don't contain one of type text


Why is it required to have a text attribute in the first 5 attributes of a an entity in order to have scaffolding a screen from the entity to work? 

Doesn't make sense to me.

Is it possible to make scaffolding a screen from en entity to work also if the first 5 attributes don't have one of type text.

Created on 18 Oct 2018
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Side note; with the new P11, you can scaffold based on screen templates and that might just be the solution for your idea. 

Hi William,

Many times we just need a list and a detail screen and use scaffolding for that, as it is a great feature to generate the 'boring' part and then adjust them. I really appreciate the new new screen templates and they can be useful, but I was just asking to improve the existing scaffolding of the entities to list and detail screen.



yes, totally agree with you there (therefor just a side note). For the simple scaffolding this is a great idea. You have my thumb's up already ;-)