Ask a Question about your data to generate Code and Screens


Service Studio could provide a button or tool where we could use natural language to ask a question about the data model.

Service Studio would then use Machine Learning and other AI frameworks to understand what is desired by the Developer and generate the respective screen with UI Blocks and Aggregates with the correct filters.

This is not something far-fetched, there is BI Software out there doing this already.

Created on 18 Oct 2018
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Hi  Tito,

Do you know the name of that BI tool?

Thank you

Microsoft Power BI

IBM Watson Analytics (limited tough...)

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Hi Tito,

Thank you for the idea.

I am not sure I understood you correctly, could you clarify what is the problem you wish to solve? e.g. is it focused on automating the generation of UI, on getting insights about application data, or something else altogether.