Provide different Editions of Service Studio better adjusted to Developers, Citizen devs and Architects

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Service Studio is quite simple right now.

But with the advent of new technologies and the growth of the tools that are being added to the interface it is getting clogged up.

By having different versions of Service Studio, organizations can better control the activities of their teams and increase the life of the implementation teams by providing what is strictly necessary for them to do their job.

For example, Service Studio could have these 3 editions with the following functions:

Developer Edition - the way it is provided since P10.

Citizen Developer Edition - integration tab for adding Services would be hidden.  Limited in the types of Applications that can be created (Service application type not visible!). Hide specific UI widgets, Advanced Queries,  data indexes, some BPT functions, attributes and functionalities that are complex to use (multi-tenancy, UserProvider, Base themes, etc).

Architect Edition - everything visible, in addition , tight integration with Discovery tool / TrustedAdvisor (classification inside Service Studio). Truechange showing Architecture violations and recommendations.

Hope it helps!

Created on 18 Oct 2018
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Hi Tito,

The problems you are raising are quite relevant and are on our radar.

That being said, the specialization of Service Studio may, or may not, be the most effective approach for addressing all of these at the same time.

Thank you for the feedback!