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Ability to adjust the FONT size in the IDE

Created on 18 Oct 2018
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Hey David,

Why do you feel this need to change the font?


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New customer and Service Studio user. I have large monitors and not great eyesight - and it's sometimes hard to read the properties dialog and other things in the IDE.  Looking for the ability to either change the font size or to ZOOM like in a web browser where you can scale things to 125%/200% etc

Hey David,

You can already zoom Service Studio so that you increase the size of the flows and logic nodes and you can use your monitor DPIs to increase the size of everything in Service Studio.

Allowing developers to change fonts could impact Service Studio experience and usability, since we would have less control on every single label (for example, you could end up with situations where text  would wrap and break the layout).

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Out of the scope

For the reasons stated before, we don't have plans to solve this.

Nevertheless, thanks a lot for your idea and keep them coming!