Make sure list mapping errors get cleared when list mapping is no longer necessary

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I had an action that returned a List of DateSection, where DateSection was this:

In a Preparation, I had a local variable that was a List of Date

Trying to assign the results of the action shows the Mapping editor:

So far, so good.

I type in my expression first:

I realized that I actually meant the local variable to be a List of DateSection. Changing it should fix things.

Yet... there are still errors.

Okay, let's check that out.

The Mapping has disappeared, but a mapping error is still there:

If I cut and re-paste my expression, the error disappears:

Looks like something got missed on propagating type changes :)


-- Ritchie

Created on 18 Oct 2018
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Hey Ritchie,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. This is actually a bug so I will follow up that in our maintenance backlog, rather than here as an idea.

Keep the ideas coming!