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I'm aware that the platform converts the query to use EXECUTE_SP so why not show this real SQL in the "Executed SQL" tab instead of the inline SQL you display?

This drives us crazy as the performance often differs ENORMOUSLY! We run the test query, it runs fine; we run your Executed SQL in SSMS (after fiddling around to set the parameters...) and it works fine but the real application query dies! So I have to use the trick here: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/15702/tip-performance-of-query-in-outsystems-platform-slower-than-running-in-database/#Post146718  and it usually gives a comparable result.

Please change the Executed SQL to be the real thing, including setting the parameters, so we can just copy/paste to SSMS to do tests. Other niggles pointed out by others:
1. Set the test parameter values from the debug values so we don't have set them all manually
2. Include those values in the Executed SQL as pre-filled parameter values so we can run the tests.
3. Save the parameter values in the espace - in P10 it now seems to forget some parameters, so they have to be manually set each time.

Created on 19 Oct 2018
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