List Of Record could be Sorted by RichWidgets - List_SortColumn


If we create a table with dragging a aggregate, the List_SortColumn will be auto generated to sort our table by its column.

It will be nice if Outsystem also have function like this, but the source is came from the List of Entity Record (not from the Aggregate one). As we could created a server action to generate customize list as result and it could be used for our table source.

more over, if it was implemented, we could have public function which have aggregate logic and it could be consumed by many webblocks and display it on the table. Rather than we need to copy same aggregate logic into each webblock that will cause duplicate code instead.

Created on 23 Oct 2018
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You can use the ListSort command from System to sort a list variable (including a list from a query... though I don't recommend that for performance reasons) and the format for the sorting is similar to the Lost_SortColumn, close enough that it will either work directly, or a quick function to remove braces and brackets and maybe the period should do the trick.


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