Need dynamically added attribute in structure level.

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Hi Team,

Need dynamically added attribute in structure level physically or in cashes(Temporary).

Advanced SQL: Structure automatically create based on the select columns in query.


Created on 23 Oct 2018
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That could be really nice!

Based on the query selected columns, it could exist one button that creates/update the Output structure.

Hello Jitendra,

Can you specify a usage for that?

Alberto's comment seems to be a bit different than what you're looking for.


Hi All,

Thanks for your comments.

Yes what i want whenever any users uses advanced query to get the data from tables of selected columns,Structure will create depending on the fetched columns of query.No need to create structure and also for achieving this we also required new widgets to store that kind of data and show it in screen without using any static variable.


Don't take me wrong, I think that's a terrible idea. Due to the abstraction that OutSystems does at the database level, having such functionality is a recipe for disaster.

If you REALLY want to achieve something like that, you can do it using some workarounds. Having that as a "specific platform functionality" seems a huge no-no, at least for me.

On the contrary, I quite enjoy Alberto's idea in which structures could be updated at a press of a button, for instance. I would advise to split it into a different idea.