UI Improvement

On our radar
The main goal: Quickly create Input Parameters or Local Variables based on a Entity, Static Entity or Structure.
  • Drag from the eSpace right tree a structure, entity or static entity with some additional keys pressed (i.e. i+r) and drop to an WebScreen, Screen Action, Public Action, WebService, User Action resulting on a new Input Parameter (Type Record with Record Definition Inherited from the original dragged object)
  • Combination 2: i+L » RecordList :input Parameter 
  • Combination 3: v+r » Record : Local Variable
  • Combination 4: v+L » RecordList : Local Variable
The key combinations may be changed or switched to any other combination or even to a CTRL+ALT and CTRL+SHIFT combination. 

Created on 30 Nov 2010
Comments (4)
I like the idea.

especially when we can set our own shortcuts in a settings page
Hi Joost,

I miss this level of personalization too... 
Also to be able to drag local variables, input parameters to an action to have it create an Assign for you with that variable.