UI Improvement

By Rafael Pereira on 30 Nov 2010
The main goal: Quickly create Input Parameters or Local Variables based on a Entity, Static Entity or Structure.
  • Drag from the eSpace right tree a structure, entity or static entity with some additional keys pressed (i.e. i+r) and drop to an WebScreen, Screen Action, Public Action, WebService, User Action resulting on a new Input Parameter (Type Record with Record Definition Inherited from the original dragged object)
  • Combination 2: i+L » RecordList :input Parameter 
  • Combination 3: v+r » Record : Local Variable
  • Combination 4: v+L » RecordList : Local Variable
The key combinations may be changed or switched to any other combination or even to a CTRL+ALT and CTRL+SHIFT combination. 

J.1 Dec 2010
I like the idea.

especially when we can set our own shortcuts in a settings page
Tmlewin .1 Dec 2010
Rafael Pereira2 Dec 2010
Hi Joost,

I miss this level of personalization too... 
Rebecca Hall2 Dec 2010
Also to be able to drag local variables, input parameters to an action to have it create an Assign for you with that variable.