Make a widget to save data in temporary variables.

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I have a problem that is manage data from input widgets. Basically, if I resize the screen the data is lost because the preparation is exetuted.

I don't want to write in database  when each variable is inserted neither save in variable sessions.

Created on 25 Oct 2018
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That only happens in Development environments. In Production environments (or in Dev, if you are fast enough to click the gear icon on the overlay that comes up during a resize and turn it off), it doesn't reload the page on resize.


Hi Justin,

Thanks for your comment, but I've tested and it's happening in Production environment... Even with the flag turned off (in the gear icon), it happens too in Dev.

Ruben Machado

Either you are running into a bug, or something else is going on. Suggest you reach out to support or Customer Success (if you have an account with them) for help, this should not be happening.


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Hi Ruben,

Indeed it sounds like a bug. Have you tried reporting it to OutSystems Support? Have you stumbled upon more similar scenarios, or is it just the resize?


Ricardo Alves

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your comment. I haven't report this to OutSystems Support. This problem happens only with the resize.