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I have been working on a mobile application in Outsystems dealing with a list reports. As there were lots of reports, we thought of providing user a means to automatically scroll to top of the reports list in a single go, instead of having to scroll through them manually. 

Thanks to Renato Torres for writing this post  on how to achieve this functionality. This approach was perfectly working fine in when tested in Outsystems simulator and Android devices. However, I stumbled upon an issue in iOS devices wherein while scrolling down through the list, if I stopped it in between by tapping on the screen, the scroll to top functionality wouldn't work. 

As this issue was in occuring only in iOS devices, it was hard to debug. Thanks to David Farinha for suggesting a JQuery plugin written by Robert Koritnik that resolved this issue. 

I have attached a sample application that has the plugin integrated. If you go through the action triggered by scroll up button, you will see a aggregate refresh done right before the plugin's code is invoked. This is to refresh the data container indirectly so that scroll animation is visible in iOS devices.

Created on 25 Oct 2018
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