Make user manuals mandatory for Forge components

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on 09 Jan 2019

I propose to make it mandatory that Forge components have user manuals.

The problem:
The quality and usefulness of Forge components vary wildly. 

One of the attractions of OutSystems for new clients is the Forge. They expect a wide range of great quality and easily usable components supported by OutSystems. They will soon discover that the Forge doesn't live up to their expectations.

One of the solutions:

Most Forge components come with no documentation at all. A 3-row general description in the Details section is all there is. 

To enhance the quality of the component and thus the overall quality of the Forge I propose a mandatory user manual.

With this, I mean a document/manual that describes what the component does, what it contains and how to use it, preferably with examples. This will greatly enhance user insight and easier/quicker adaptation of the Forge component.  

Created on 26 Oct 2018
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The idea is good, there are already news on this road for next month (spoiler).

Considering that Forge components are free and the people who create them get $0 or other compensation for their time, I think that requiring any additional effort on their part will result in fewer components.

Now, perhaps if the people who actually use the components actually took some time to give the component creators a good reason, maybe then this makes sense.

But as someone who has seen thousands of uses of components, who has more components in the Forge than just about anyone else, and has yet to get so much as a "thank you", it will be tough to demand that I write you a manual as well.


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we are working on it.

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on 09 Jan 2019

hi Hans

this idea was done