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It's confusing how to add a variable that is an array of something. I know in OutSystems it's a list, however, to get to a list of things, you first have to click "Record" and that's not at all like a list of text or an array, so I have to remember, "Click Record and then pick Text"... 

It'd be a lot easier in a couple different ways. Imagine clicking a checkbox at the top that says it's a list, then click the list type.


I think I've seen it somewhere else in the system, but List is an option in that area where Record is. Add that under Other as well, so I can click List.

Created on 26 Oct 2018
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Hey PJ M,

Actually you don't need to select the "Record" option. Just select "List" and then text as the list type. You can also first select "Text" and then just by clicking "List" it will be automatically set to a List of Text elements.

Nevertheless, I understand there are improvements on this editor's usability.

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As discussed, it is already possible to create a list of text elements without having to choose "Record".