Copy paste in translations


When we copy one "Expression" or "Text" and this one is already translated and after this we paste in other place and change the text, the translation is not affected. I think when we paste shouldn't keep the translation and when we change the text i think it's better clean the translation.

Created on 29 Oct 2018
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I cannot edit my Idea, 

To clarify my idea is if we change the text after paste the translation should be clean. If is not possible should be clean when we paste the "Expression" or "Text"...

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I agree with you that something has to change, since copying or changing labels won't effect multilingual at all. How would I know what I definitelly have to check to be sure about my translations? Although I think a better idea is to leave the translations unchanged, because it might be just typovers, but the translation-behaviour should be set back to 'To be defined' + translation should be kept instead of keeping it in 'Translate' or removing the translation. Keeping the changed/copied labels in Translate won't trigger you to check them again.