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Sometimes, it would be nice to have OutSystems' Guess-o-meter take another crack at something. For example, if you rename ShipmentId to PackageCountId, it would be nice to be ask OutSystems to try the data type again, for example, and switch that to PackageCount Identifier.

For test values, it would be nice for it to be able to "re-guess" the test values if you've decided you've had enough of playing around with the test values and want something that works the same way the default guessed values do.

Created on 30 Oct 2018
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Hi Ritchie,

The second part of your idea is confusing and I don't understand what you mean or where it would apply.

However, I totally agree with the 1st part.


I mean the way that OutSystems picks some good test values for you when you are putting together your aggregate... if you fill in the test values with your own values and then modify the aggregate again, you'll often end up with No records to show.

If you blank it, it will ask you to set some Test Values.

I would like it to try to pick good test values again. Now mind you, we're in the midst of database migration, so I can't tell right off the top  of my head whether clicking on "Test Values" actually does that or it doesn't. If it does, I don't mind being embarrassed :)

OutSystems already re-changes the datatype if you rename a variable, but only if the variable is unused. And I can imagine that most of the times it is preferred the way it currently is (so no changes in datatype if the variable is already in use).

Yes, it does. I should clarify: my request is for refactoring times, on occasions where copy/pastes are in order but the screen logic has to apply to a different aggregate and key type, or when a business process change necessitates using a child entity's key or a master key instead.

I don't miss it when making a lot of new stuff. I sure do when maintaining current stuff :)

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Thanks for the idea!