Certifications contribute for Community Ranking


I think certifications could be a deserved bonus points section for the Community Ranking.

After all it shows engagement with the OutSystems community, right?

Created on 31 Oct 2018
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Right now a number of companies are just pumping people through certification programs five, ten folks at a time, who never actually actually engage with the OutSystems community at all. :(


Hi Justin,

I understand what you say, although I think it will always to be hard to provide a fair scoring (take for instance, some spam in the forum).

I believe a scoring could be awarded, perhaps a different score depending on the degree of the certification.



I'm a active community member for +10 years now; but I did my certifications last year. I don't think the certification has anything to do with your community ranking.

The ranking says something about your share and activity to let the community grow.

Joao -

The spam in the forums is something that a LOT of effort is being spent to fix. ;)

Go look at the rankings and scores. After the first few hundred people, everyone looks pretty much the same: no ideas, a couple of posts, no components.

Why should anyone be treated as an active, participating community member just because they sat through a bootcamp and took a test?


Hi Justin,

Well if the motivation is just sitting through bootcamps, there's nothing one can do indeed.

I just think taking (and passing) certifications (usually) means that people are interested in developing their platform skills and being recognized inside the community besides making the certified community of OutSystems grow.

Joao -

A few years ago, I would 100% agree with you. Unfortunately the business model of many of the bigger consultancies means this isn't true for an awful lot of the people with accounts at OutSystems.com. :( They just pump people through certification courses so they can claim they have 200 certified consultants or whatever.


Yes up-vote for this....as some said above, even though some companies just pump up certifications without any follow-up contributions to the community I think certifications should has its own weight on the community rank. Just like when you watch the /learn course video it will add some weight too.....

Now what about login-in / being active every "n" days to earn 1 point... just at least view the thread forum or move around the site and getting some extra knowledge on the platform as being silent reader or perhaps even when creating support ticket .... How that add weights? :) just kidding this is just an idea afterall right?

Sounds fair, but maybe set a threshold as well so only start adding points after associate just to combat the companies pushing people trough bootcamps and then never using them again.
Obviously activity on the forum and in the community should be awarded more as just certifications as it is community ranking after all.
But yes having certification play a role makes sense to me 

Certifications may count something for score, but not too much because you already earn point when study for certifications by completing courses

Just give points for professional, expert and service engineer certification, that will cut the field by a big percentage of certified people who are not working on a daily basis with OutSystems.