Connections to .dbf/Microsoft Access files


Hi everyone,

Many times Outsystems come to take place from older software solutions. Many times that solutions are made in Microsoft Access or the data that we need to bootstrap are in .dbf files.

I think, if we already have connectors/actions (like bootstrap directly from Excel files) to do that we can win a lot of time in the process.

I had a particular case (one app that need to consume shape files from AutoCad Map that are .dbf) and everytime that the user needs to submit a new shape file he need to open it in Excel to save it like .xls or .xlsx.

I know that .dbf and Access files are something from the past, but, we need to deal with that when we develop something to override that technology. 

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Ricardo Pereira

Created on 31 Oct 2018
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why do you not build a forge component that is able to read out such a file?

Hi J.,

Hope to find you well.

Now that you're talking about it, it's really a good challenge for me.

I'll go to search about this topic and see what I can do.

Best regards J. .


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