Different icon in service studio tree when containers have logic in "Display" parameter.

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Hello, after some time making front-end in outsystems, I noticed that most of developers prefer to use an IF to show/hide containers. I asked them why and they told me that's because it's easier to visually identify when there is logic to show/hide an element. If they use the "Display" parameter, just by looking at the tree, there is no indication of that.

Would be a great simple idea to, when there is some logic in the "Display" parameter of a container, the icon in the tree changed to a different color, or something like that, to indicate that there is something there to look at? The code would be more organized, more simple and there would be much less stuff "walking around" in DOM.


Created on 2 Nov 2018
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Hi Pedro,

Thanks for the suggestion. It's great feedback and it may greatly help developers.

 I'll add this idea as "On our radar".

Keep the ideas coming,

Ricardo Alves