Add select option to install ServiceCenter or not on Unattended Installation

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We have a customer feature request on Unattended Installation on Java stack.

Feature request:
Add option to install ServiceCenter or not on unattended installation. (Java stack)

The customer is developing huge OutSystems applications for their e-Commerce service with 24*7 running.
Their systems has 7 Deployment Controller servers and 24 additional Front-End Servers totally.
On their maintenance, the following actions will be unavoidable.

a. Their e-Commerce service will be stopped when whole serves go down for maintenance. So that they need to perform maintenance with stopping a part of servers orderly. There are opportunities to exist different revision/ version servers on upgrade maintenance.

b. They have lots of Front-End servers, so they can not help choosing silent installation for adding Front-End servers and installation of OutSystems. It is not realistic to install OutSystems manually.

Current problem:
- OutSystems provided an answer which ServicCenter will be installed automatically on Silent Installation (Unattended Installation).
At result, ServiceCenter version of Front-End Servers will be changed,  it becomes inconsistent on an environments.

Warm regards,
Senya Mizuta

Created on 2 Nov 2018
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Dear Senya,

My understanding is that your overall goal is to have an automated upgrade of an OutSystems environment without downtime.

After you had several conversations with Support about this, I would encourage you to get their advice on whether this goal is achievable or not. You may eventually need other services beyond Support to properly design your system.

This forum is not a replacement for or an accelerator of those discussions with Support.

On the other hand, this Ideas forum is great when:

- you are sure that the product does not deliver the capability you are looking for;

- you can clearly identify the benefit of a product evolution;

- you can describe the idea generically enough for other forum users to be able to participate effectively.

Thank you for your participation in the Community!


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Hi Senya,

Since is not an idea but a follow up on a support case, and following you request to remove it from the ideas forums, I will go ahead and mark this as Out of Scope.

Thanks for your contribution