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The "Search Applications" box in Studio should ALSO "Search Modules" and combine the results. I keep going in there to search modules, and didn't even SEE "Search Modules" until a few days ago...


Created on 5 Nov 2018
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Hey Justin,

The majority of the developers work on 5 or less modules at the same time, and those modules already appear in the recent modules. This way, since this is a less common operation, the search modules is less promoted, espeacially since it would have an impact on this page performance and readibility (for all the other developers that actually don't need this).

Because of this, we don't have plans to do this.

Nevertheless, thanks a lot for the idea and keep them coming!

Vasco -

That is MORE reason why it needs to be implemented, because the one or two times you need to edit certain modules, you have no clue where it is.

Also, if doing a search on module names is a performance problem, you have implemented your database very wrong.

The current UI is BAD. There should never be more than one "search" on a screen EVER, and even more, there should never be a button, in the bottom left of a screen, that says "search" when there is already a very visible "search" box on the screen. There is no way many people are seeing this button and using it.


Justin sorry to disagree but that button has actually made more developers discover and use the CTRL+O accelerator we always had. That was exactly its purpose, to make a more advanced operation more visible to more developer.

Keyboard shortcuts are the LEAST discoverable thing in an application, because you have to be cruising through a menu to find them. CTRL+O is "open from file", that's a Windows standard. Why would anyone think that it would be equal to "search"? Never in the last ten years of using OutSystems would it occur to me to do CTRL+O to "open from environment". Does CTRL+S publish? Of course not, it saves to local file. So why would CTRL+O do anything NOT involving a local file? Furthermore, no one searches *so often* that they need a keyboard shortcut for it. Service Studio should always have a great mouse experience, first and foremost. It is a GUI tool. If I want to memorize a million keyboard shortcuts to do basic tasks, I would first buy myself a bottle of broken glass to drink, and then load vi onto my system and re-learn C. Finally the keyboard shortcut/menu item is "Open From Environment" which is nothing like "Search" which is the task that the user wants. Therefore, the correct keyboard shortcut is either F3 or CTRL+F. If you are going to tell me "use a keyboard shortcut" use the standard keyboard shortcuts.


I agree with Justin, I was about to add this idea. I'll add my use case:

I was reviewing our applications using the Discovery Tool. I found a module with a violation and wanted to look it up so I could see the details of this module. I searched for the module in the Search Applications textbox and was dissapointed and confused that I didn't find my module. Luckily I saw the Search Modules button and was able to find the module I was looking for. in that pas I've even gone to Service Center to find the application a module belonged to. 

I would say that users are more and more expecting a unified search when you can search for something. So I second that the user experience would be better if you have one smart search functions.

The difficulty to implement this is besides the question and less relevant in this discussion in my opinion.

PS what would be the best way to bring this to OS attention again? I think it is a pitty I can't Follow and Like this idea, because it has been marked as Out of Scope in the past.