OutSystems should provide a warning if the parameters of an event changes


I have a webblock which promotes events.

When I add a parameter to the event the consuming webscreen is not notified about the new parameter (mandatory and non mandatory parameters). So a developer I do not now the interface has changed. There is no warning or any visual indicator to tell me the event parameters have changed.

Parameter ChangedDateTime has been added after the webblock was consumed in the screen.

Created on 5 Nov 2018
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Seems more like a bug than anything else...

On mobile you get an error if you change the type of a parameter or add a new mandatory parameter (non mandatory are ignored).

*Note I get an error at the location where I throw the event, because the parameter isn't filled in or is invalid.

Though it's not updating or warning in the consuming screen....

Hi Kilian,

I have discussed that with OutSystems but they said it's not a bug so I have created an idea for it.
The warning / error is also not there on mobile.

See ya at the #OWDC

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