Service Studio should display if Action parameter is passed by reference or by value

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By default OutSystems parameters are by value, but there are few exceptions. These exceptions should be visible at Service Studio.

Example currently:

Following would be better, when actually it is by reference.

Created on 5 Nov 2018
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Yes, this would make some cases so much clearer!
Sometimes I'm wondering why a list is being changed, only to find out moments later it's because it was passed by reference.

YES! this would make it so much cleaner. Now you have to know that it is by reference; you can't see it from the action parameter.


Sampsa, which version of the platform are you using? 9.1?

—Tiago Bernardo

Hi Tiago, 

For work I use 10, but the screenshots are from 11.

Though this would be nice, it's not possible functionally I think, because it's the caller that decides by ref or by val. A public Action that's called from within the same eSpace: by ref, the same Action called from another eSpace: by val.

Yes, I understand, but it is then where you look the  parameters. 

Yeah, would be a nice feature.

Changed the category to Service Studio and the status to

On our radar

Thanks for your idea!