Why can I add multiple start elements in a flow?

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Why can I add multiple start elements in a flow? As soon as I add a second one I get an error saying my flow has multiple start points, if I could create a flow for an event (or multiple events if they have the same parameters), which is different from my normal screen action flow (if I use this screen action as an event and as a normal screen action). Then I can seperate some initialization for the event in the different start point, else I would have to create another if statement etc. etc. 

This would make it a bit more manageable, though that is only a speculation, it might be that this is a terrible idea, if that is the case, I would like the start icon to dissapear  from the toolbox if I already have a start inside my flow, currently it's completely useless to be able to add a a second start point.

Created on 5 Nov 2018
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Hi Joey,

Many thanks for your contribution!

As you say, it can be somehow counter-intuitive of us to allow the creation of multiple starting nodes, when only a single one can be created, with the current OutSystems language model.

That being said, currently we have no short-term plans to address this but we will keep this idea to be considered in the future.

Please keep the ideas coming!