Allow widget_click on Visible = False element


Currently widget_click does not work on elements which has Visible attribute set to False. A work around for this is to set it to True and to add some styling to set the display:none yourself instead.

Though I think this can be considered a bug instead, unless the behavior shown here is desired?

If so can somebody elaborate?

Created on 5 Nov 2018
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Hi Joey,

Elements that have Visible attribute set to False are not rendered to HTML and their widget_click cannot be found and called. That is why you have to do the workaround by using css styling.


Abílio Matos

Hey Abilio,

It seems to work this way for links, buttons, but for divs it just sets to display:none;

I'm a bit confused as to why there is a difference in this.

Joey -

Container has a "Display" property, links, buttons, etc. have a "Visible" property. They work differently (https://medium.com/@jmjames/visible-and-display-do-different-things-212457546561).

It's super confusing, not-obvious, and unintuitive, and I've campaigned for clarity.


Thanks Justin James!

I did not realize there was such a detailed document already :)

Not a problem! It's total mystery meat and I didn't notice the difference at all until a few months ago... and I've been using this thing for nearly a decade now!


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