Be able to delete unused references when using the search feature

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When you use the new search feature, you get the list of the espaces that are using that particular item

Would be awesome to be able to delete unused references directly from there

Created on 6 Nov 2018
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Hi Pedro,

You don't really know whether the Reference is unused. If you e.g. search for an Attribute of a Structure, it can come up with 0 hits, but the Reference may be used if another Attribute (or the Structure itself) is used.

Also, this would mean an update to the (unopened) eSpace, which would perhaps not be desirable.

Hey Kilian

Yes, of course, you need to restrain this particular feature to the appropriate items: actions, web blocks, structures, entities, basically anything that can be referenced, not to the entire scope of the current search feature

Something like

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Hey Pedro,

As Kilian was saying, sometimes having 0 usages doesn't mean that your reference is not used (E.g. you can have an entity attribute that is not being used although the reference entity is used with other attributes).

Also, despite this being an accelerator, it is still very quick to open the module with a right click and just press delete.

Because of this, we don't have plans to tackle this in the short term.

Thanks a lot for your idea and keep them coming!