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2 aspects that could be added to Service Studio

1 - the recent modules list should be visible at all times

2 - whenever you click on a module in the recent modules list, it should open that module and also the environment tab should focus on the application of that module (most of the times you will most likely need something from that application). This could be a user's option on the Studio

Created on 6 Nov 2018
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Hey Pedro,

What do you mean by having it visible at all times?

Regarding the second, I think changing the Application List focused could be counter productive for developers that wanted to go to other Applications after opening a module or could even make them confused.

Thanks for your feedback!

PS: Please try to avoid submitting several ideas in one single one since it becomes hard to manage and set a status for it.

Hey Vasco

Sorry I submitted this in the ODC, so it was just not to forget about it, will keep that in mind 

As for the first part I mean that this

Should be visible if you are in the starting page of Service Studio or not

It will prevent the going to the other "shortcut":

As for the second part, for personal experience, I find it that most of the times after opening one eSpace from the Recent Modules I need to access some related module that belongs to the same application from the one I just opened, and thus the starting page could move along to that application while clicking from the Recent Modules as if I would navigated myself to that application and then opened the desired module

Both of ideas go well together (IMHO ofc) :-) 

Best regards,


Hey Pedro,

Got it! Regarding the first one, it really makes sense having those modules in the list of suggestions. Thanks for the idea.

Regarding the second one, agree that this might be helpful if you want other modules of the same application but this is not true for the all or the majority of scenarios and it could be counter-productive.

I'll keep this idea on our radar (for the first part), ok? Do you mind if I change the title for "Recent Modules visible when opening a new module" do be more intuitive and easier to find?


No, go ahead :)

As I said the second one could be a user preference

Best regards,


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On our radar

Thanks for the idea!

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Many developer in big teams only work on a few modules per sprint. 

I would like to have, let's say 3 or 4 most recently used module, when I use "Open from environment" ( Ctrl-O ).

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