Accelerate creation of actions to expose Site Property values

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I would like to select a bunch of site properties and, when I right-click on them, have an option to generate actions to expose their values. 

My rationale is, knowing that site properties are not public, if we want to expose their values to be used elsewhere in the factory, we have to create a public action for each one of them. If we have several site properties to expose, creating an action at a time is very time-consuming.

Created on 6 Nov 2018
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Or, you could vote for the 8 year old Idea of having a "Public" property for Site-properties ;).

Hi Kilian,

That would be the ideal scenario, but I think this idea would be a great alternative.

Btw, I've already up-voted that old idea. ;)


Changed the category to Service Studio and the status to

On our radar

Hey Ricardo,

I have to agree with Kilian, our vision here would be to be able to just expose Site.Properties to be used in other modules. Nevertheless, since this can take awhile, I'll keep this workaround on our radar.


Ok, Vasco, fair enough.


Good to know the workaround