Display SQL table name as an Entity property



I know that there is an SQL table in DB that stores the relation between the Entity names and SQL table names, but it's too cumbersome to analyze it. I also know that we can already see it when we open the Entity and look at the Executed SQL property, but this can sometimes take a long time. What I would like to see is the name of the SQL table that is currently corresponding to the last version of its Entity. 


Created on 6 Nov 2018
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Something like this? :) (It's really not that difficult to analyze :))

select es.name, *
from ossys_entity ent
left join ossys_espace es on es.id = ent.espace_id
where ent.name = ''
and ent.is_active = 1
order by ent.name

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for the query. The sql query is not hard but that is an extra select query to run each time. Since Entities are merely representations of the sql tables (AFAIK), it might be a nice idea to directly see the corresponding sql table's name.

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Today to find out the physical name of an entity, it is necessary to take a few turns, or to query the metadata (Physical_Table_Name) or create an AdvancedQuery or Aggregate and see the executed SQL.

I like this idea, and I really miss that, I hoped that this information would be shown in the entity, as in the image below.