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It would be very useful if we could put TAGs on service studio comments.

It would allow to provide some structure to comments that we put in service studio.

These TAG's should be searchable with the Find tool in Service Studio, across all applications (similar to find usage).

This improvement would allow developers to better document their code, inside the platform, giving the same tag to similar documentation.

Then it we would be easy to search, for instance, all actions that apply a certain business rule, provided that all those comments share the same or part of the same TAG.

Created on 6 Nov 2018
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Hey Luis,

Currently we don't have plans to do this and you can already add those tags as simple text in the comment that will then be searchable (e.g. "tag1 tag2 tag3 my idea for this comment is [...]").




Thanks for your reply.

I understand, but I think it would be more efficient to search for tags associated with comments than for text within those comments.

Additionally, comments are searched only within a module. 

The need that I was trying to address with my idea is to find a tag across all modules. This will allow a search for a predetermined subject (Tag) in all comments.


Thanks anyway.