Multiple refresh of consumer eSpaces in service center

By Mehrdad Aslani on 10 Dec 2010
Make it possible, through servicecenter preferably,  that when you publish an eSpace you would be able to refresh references of those eSpaces which use it.  Ideally in the consumer part of the references tab of eSpace in Servicecenter.
Miguel João15 Jan 2011
Currently since Agile Platform 5.0, if your Controller server also has Service Studio and Integration studio installed and it's running Service Center, when publishing the running version of a solution, the Service Center will automatically refresh all outdated references of the espaces within that solution.

You can't control it reference by reference, but it does bulk refresh the references, which is very handy during large refactorings.
Pedro Oliveira27 May 2011
With 6.0 you can open all consumers of a given eSpace and refresh its references with a single click.