shortcut to go to my last changes.

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Sometimes it can be hard to find where you stopped last time editing the project. It would be nice to have menu option or shortcut to go to the place where I made last changes.

Created on 8 Nov 2018
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Hey Mykola,

When you save the module it already stores the place where you were editing. Additionally, you can still use the "back" button.

What would you do differently?


Hi Vasco,

Actually if there are multiple developers working on same module next time I open the project - it opens on last edited screen/action regardless of dev who made the change (not sure about version 11 but on 10 it is so).

Also when I need to check something in another blocks or actions back button becomes pretty useless in terns f navigating back to where I made changes. It can be a "alt + back" click that navigates buy screens/actions you made changes on. Also be good to have color/icon indicator on actions/screens that were edited but not published and/or grouped in a virtual folder or temporary placed on top of all actions/screens/entities lists... 

Anything that would help me visually find block I was working on in a project with hundreds of blocks and folders.

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Got it, thanks for the feedback!