Let a component call actions exposed in its children webbocks (a la OOP)


Imagine that a page uses a certain webBlock that has a screen action that performs something.

How many times did you have the need of calling that action not within the context of the webBlock but in the context of the page?

I know that there is a workaround for this.. to hide a button in the webBlock, add a cssClass 'someClass' to it, assign that action and then:

javascript :: document.getElementsByClassName('someClass')[0].click()

Anyway, the platform could let us do this in a more elegant way like adding a property 'IsPublic' to the screen actions and let the parents use the public screen actions of its children webblocks.

Created on 8 Nov 2018
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I couldn't agree more, this should be high priority

I think this would be SUPER useful.  

Think of the many times, you need to do something in a web block when the parent Saves, without loosing the information that the web block has been compiling.

I.e. uploading documents to a page that hasn't been saved yet, and when you save, then the documents are all assigned to the page.