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I see this as an advantage for organizing your Service Studio. Not by only giving the application the right naming conventions, but also giving them some kind of color. This to get a glance on which app is what. Icons are helping of course, but having the same icons (for example the same organization) could be a bit confusing, as well as reading the name of the application that could take a bit more time. 

Maybe a colored corner (or colored bottom or upper bar) of each tile, which could be set by each user, could help by organizing the apps in Service Studio. Use a color for example test apps, the different layers etc. 

Created on 9 Nov 2018
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Changed the category to Service Studio and the status to

Out of the scope

Hey Martijn,

Although I understand your point, you can already invest a bit more better customizing icons to have different colors, labels on it, or even having smaller variations of the icons you want to use.

We don't have plans to further customize this, so I'll mark the idea as out of scope.

Nevertheless, thanks a lot for your idea and keep them coming!