Add 'Create timer' to right-click menu of a server action

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When you have a server action and want schedule the exection of that action, you need to create a timer and select the action you want to schedule. 

In stead of going to the 'processes' tab and add a timer, it would be easier to rightclick the action and clik on 'create timer' that takes you to the 'processes' tab and showes you the created timer, so you only need to change the scedule.

Created on 9 Nov 2018
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Out of the scope

Hey Raymond,

First of all, thanks for your idea!

Although this might be useful when you want an action to run periodically on a timer as a good accelerator, this is not a common operation and it would pollute the menu for all the developers that right click on an action to do more common stuff such as add inputs/outputs, copy/paste, find usages, etc.

Because of this, we don't have plans to do this.

Nevertheless, thanks for your idea and keep the ideas coming!