Export and Import Site Properties

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The user should be able to export site properties, which helps in deploy between environments.

Created on 12 Nov 2018
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Hi Rebecca,

I know that component.  But, it would be much more practical to export this information directly from the service center and then import it into another environment than deploy a new component. This functionality would be important when upgrading / migrating or switching machines.


This is a good idea

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On our radar

Hi Diana,

Thank you for your idea!!

We are seeing useful use cases behind your idea, not sure if with the same solution and with the same purpose, let me give you some details.

Our vision is to keep enabling our customers to automate the process of setting properties.  With this in mind, you probably will be able to do that, but I'm afraid thru an API as today. At the end of the day, you could have a similar Forge Component which enables you to import and export site properties (or other properties).

Nevertheless, since this can take a while, I'll keep this idea on our radar.

I'd invite the community to share your thoughts regarding this.

Thank you!