Export and Import Integrations URL

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The user should be able to export integration URL, which helps in deploy between environments.

Created on 12 Nov 2018
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This functionality would be important when upgrading / migrating or switching machines.

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Yeah, would be a nice feature.

Typically, you would want to change the URLs between environments, especially when going from dev -> test -> production. So I also see a danger in this functionality.

Hi Kilian,

It will be dangerous if the developer does not know what he is doing. But this feature will be essential for upgrades/migrations or change machine.

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Out of the scope

Hi Diana,

Has @killian mentioned this can be a dangerous feature without particular governance.

This kind of tasks are done during deployment to another environment so the best place to put this kind of functionality is Lifetime. There is component on forge that allows configuration and copy settings from one environment to another. This component relies on lifetime teams permissions therefore security and governance are being taken care.

This component allow configuration of SOAP, REST, Site Properties and timers in a lifetime kinda look, where the user sees each environment next to another.


Thanks for the feedback.