Be able to execute each item (input parameter) of SQL object separately


When we have a complex SQL object with multiple parameters and something goes wrong is difficult to find which parameter is the problem. 


It would be fantastic during debugging can execute an SQL object parameter by parameter.

It would make it very easy to find an exception for example that is occurring in the SQL object without the need to separate the parameters where I think the problem is. 

Created on 13 Nov 2018
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Excellent Suggestion

I don't know how this would work? Say you have something like this:

SELECT {User}.*
FROM {User}
WHERE {User}.[Name] LIKE '%' + @Name + '%'
  AND {User}.[UserName] LIKE '%' + @UserName + '%'

How would you go about "executing each parameter seperately"?

Let me explain better. The idea is to execute/translate parameters before pass it to SQL. Let get your example, suppose that parameter @Name and @UserName came from a session variable when executing with F11 I can execute and see the value that came from the session. See example below:

If you observe I have many parameters that came from the session or local variables or that result depends on the execution of an IF expression, so the idea is can press F11 as we can do with an Assign Object and can see the result of expression, session or any other expression has to be solved, mathematical or logical and at the end of the last parameter the query will be executed.

I hope this has been better explained.

Yes, now it makes sense, thanks :).