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When working with complex data base connections and low bandwidth in a client having the aggregates automatically run the server query can be a problem.

More than one time my service studio freezes when building an aggregate, I know there's a option top completely switch of the query run but with that we loose the option of testing the query once, for that we need to switch the testing on and all the opened aggregates will run the. sample data unless we switch everything off again.

I would like to have the Test Aggregate similar to the simple query 'Test Query' button, with that we can switch everything off and test the aggregate we're working on.

Created on 13 Nov 2018
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Could be usefull

In preferences you can turn off "Auto-refresh Data Preview in Aggregates"  and then you get a link "Refresh Query" on the aggregates so they don't update automatically.  Performance is much better when not automatic.

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Out of the scope

Hi Ricardo,

As Rebecca Hall has mentioned you have already a way to have this capabilities.

I will close this idea.