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Outsystems should provide suggestions to add/remove indexes taking into consideration Query clauses.


'Table A' has a "Code" varchar attribute.

10 queries uses the Attribute 'Code' as a filter (Code = 'X').

Outsystems should take into consideration the Type and filter used in the Queries and suggest Code as an attribute to add as an index (or composed indexes if needed).

Table size and other infos are always relevant information and that's why it should be a suggestion / info.

Created on 14 Nov 2018
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Deciding whether or not to add an index is a decision a human, who understands indexes and preferably has access to execution plans, should be making... not a computer. Index tuning isn't an easy job, and it is a large part of the reason why DBAs make a LOT of money.


Hi Justin,

Thank you for your reaction.

We are, of course, talking about obvious indexes. Not complex ones. 

Obvious indexes are easy to detect and there are always improvements when it comes to Platform helping developers achieving better quality.

I would say that Outsystems could provide better suggestions and / or tools so developers don't need to go outside the box to solve simple problems. 

Changed the category to Database and the status to

Not right now

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your suggestion. To know which index are correct for each scenario only the developer will be able to assess the need correctly.

I think to know which index should be created should be a developer decision, even if we present the suggestion but in most of the cases does not makes sense for the user scenario (composite index of multiple columns would be hard to suggest), the user will start to get the feeling that the systems is not accurate and will never look again to the suggestions.

At this point we will not include this capability on the backlog. I will keep a track on this idea and depending on community traction we will reevaluate.


Hi Fernando,

Yes, I understand your point of view. In a later stage, if this topic makes more sense, please give me the good news :) Thank you for your feedback.