[ServiceStudio] Create special Entity Action icon

By Joop Stringer on 21 Dec 2010
In case I use user actions and entity action and give them a nice name, it is not easy to see which is the user and which is the entity action.
Better to have a special icon (like the exception icon) or change the color into purple (like the query)

Fernando Sousa22 Dec 2010
This may be similar to Have different "ball" colors depending on the type of action it is

Beware of "rainbows"!
Rob Jasper2 Jan 2011
Just to make sure: beware of colorblind people. Moer people then you thing are (parially) colorblind!
Joop Stringer3 Jan 2011


That's why I "designed" it with a special icon :-)


Pedro Oliveira27 May 2011
With 6.0 all entity actions have a differentiated icon.