Add Environment Configuration: Disable Forge Application Editing

Service Center

One of the first things I do when starting on a new environment (infrastructure) is put all the Forge components in a LifeTime team and disable the rights for developers to change those components.

When you edit a Forge component you automatically aren't able to update that specific Forge component in the future. Changing a Forge component should be avoided and when changes are necessary making a clone of that specific Forge component is a better solution so your original components is still capable of upgrading.

In Service Center (Or Service Studio) there should be an Environment Configuration that will automatically protect (Disables editing) all components that where installed via the Forge (In Service Studio).

Created on 15 Nov 2018
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Would it be an option to do this with right settings from LifeTime? So make a team forge components and let everybody only have reuse and monitoring roles to it? 

Hi Evert,

Yes that's the way we do this now and this works. But (there is always a but) this is a very manual procedure. For example every time a developer thinks: "Let me get this component from the Forge" an administrator will need to add the application to the "Forge Application Lifetime Team". 

Another issue is that I work on 15 infrastructures a year (on average) so I know I'm probably not the average OutSystems developer but setting this up in LifeTime takes me quit some time. 

Another point what we have seen in the new Service Studio is that Forge updates will be notified to the Developers, which increases the importance of keeping those components in comparable with the Forge a lot in my opinion.

Curious what you think of this Evert :-)

Have a great weekend!