Refresh rate on AJAX refresh

By Joop Stringer on 21 Dec 2010

Have a parameter to the AJAX refresh to issue a refresh on timely base

Justin James23 Dec 2010
This is *only* useful if it can also execute workflow to update the backing variables, data sets, etc. as well.

In the meantime, you can do the following:

1. Create a button of type "Ajax"
2. Link that button with an action that updates the backing variables and calls AjaxRefresh; set the style of the button to have "display: none" (do NOT set "display" property to "false"!)
3. Add a piece of JavaScript that calls the button on the requested basis

It's a quick workaround that takes very little time to do; not ideal, but it can be done if needed.

Joop Stringer23 Dec 2010
That's exactly the reason: workflow :-)

And yes we created the solution as you described. But it would be useful to have a property to the AJAX refresh to set the rate and do the things we want.
Rodrigo Castelo29 Mar 2011
Hi Joop,

Check how the Lightweight Ajax Refresh component. Your wish has been granted!