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When a Lifetime administrator has to set up a new user, he always has to create a new user account and define a password manually.

After creating the account he needs to go to his email client and write an email with the user credentials, the environment URL and ask for the user to change the password once he logs in.

There should be an easy way for a Lifetime administrator to invite a new user just by inserting the user's email.

The system could then send an automated email inviting the new user with the environment URL. The new user would just need to follow the URL and define his password.

This way, the provisioning of new users would be faster, with less manual tasks for the administrator, and also more secure since no passwords would be exchanged by email, no one but the user would have access to his password, and there wouldn't be the risk of the user not changing is password on his first login.

Created on 16 Nov 2018
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Great Idea Luís, 

It is so obvious one doesn't understand why this was not already be implemented.

Especially the part they you need to exchange password, is something I never like.



Great idea Luis,

Nowadays we do this so often in the applications that we develop but we always forget about the platform itself. 

Ruben Bonito

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Hi Luís,

Thanks for your idea. We do agree with you regarding that need. Currently, this is not part of our backlog but we update this idea as soon as we have more information. 

Thank you!