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Image that we have a flow where we use a For Each widget. Of course that foreach requires a list to be iterated.

What I would like is that inside the flow of the foreach (cycle) the actually list that is iterated had a fast access link inside the scope tree for assigns, parameters, etc., since inside a loop is very common for us to use something inside the current record.

See prtscr for context.

Created on 19 Nov 2018
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Hi Carlos,

Inside the foreach cylce you will have an option for Current iteration. Is this what you want?

Abílio Matos

No quite. What I think it would be useful is for the scope tree that is shown in attached image to make it easier to access the list we are interacting.

I can always find in in the full tree, of course, but image iterating a list that is inside an object of an object of another list :) (something that sometime happens when dealing with REST APIs.

At a certain point I'm not quite sure where the list is, so a fast access would be nice.

Was it clear?

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