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Hello guys,

I was thinking about a large environment, a lot of eSpaces and I realized that manage dependencies it is a little annoying.

Think about! We have add a new reference, and we have been typing the eSpace name for searching it,  after it you will pick up your eSpace and then choose your action or you will need search it as well.

So, how many times have you doing it just to add a new reference that you just compiled?

In fact is, when we add a new reference is very common search an eSpace that we have recently updated, my suggest is add a sub group inside the "manage dependencies pop up" named "Recently  Updated by <me>" like this image.

That would help a lot, remember, using the canvas model we are compiling the core and front-end at all times, and when we created a new action in Core we have to make reference.

Created on 19 Nov 2018
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Good idea. Today to avoid this work I drag the element and drop in the target module.

Yep! I know that, but I believe that not everyone knows about that. I think that UX needs to provide some ways for you get the same thing, and since this exists is possible to improve it.

Like the idea, maybe extend it with a 'favorite' list which you can fill yourself

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On our radar

Hey Paulo,

We are currently reviewing the experience and time it takes to manage dependencies. I'm still not sure if having the recent modules is the change that will better optimize these scenarios but I'll keep this under our radar!

Thanks a lot for your feedback

Good Idea