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Now I am developing one Universal app which will have the same designs and functionalities in both mobile and tablet. In order to identify the device, I am using "IsTablet" client action from mobile patterns, if it returns "True" ,i will redirect the app into Tablet HomeScreen, otherwise it will be redirected to mobile screens. In this Scenario, I am facing one issue:

1. Whenever i enter into the application with the Samsung Tab 3 device, IsTablet client action is not recognizing the device as tab and when i do debugging with the help of the same device, I found that the IsTablet action is returning the value False for that device.

2.So, I have been redirected to the mobile screens, which is not suitable for the tab view.

With the help of our QA team, we came to know that "IsTablet Action" is throwing False value for the following tablets:

Tablets and their resolution In which the issue is reproducible:

1). SAMSUNG Tab S2 9.7 - Pixel: 1536x2048, Display: 9.7 inches
2). SAMSUNG Tab 4 - Pixel: 800x1280, Display: 7 inches
3). SAMSUNG Tab 3 - Pixel: 800x1280, Display: 8 inches
4). SAMSUNG Galaxy J Max - Pixel: 800x1280, Display: 7 inches
5). SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A - Pixel: 768x1024, Display: 8 inches
6). SAMSUNG GalaxyNote 10.1 - Pixel: 2560x1600, Display: 10.1 inches

IDEA:   I thought that, these are all happening because of the resolution problem. Since we are using the resolution of the device to distinguish that particular device into mobile or tablet category, some of the tablets have the resolution which is related to the mobile resolution, so only the action is throwing False value to the tablets. In order to avoid this kind of issues we may use anyother better ways rather than resolution.


Vignesh Balasubramanian

Created on 20 Nov 2018
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