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Problem: Outsystems is an Integration platform. We assemble different systems into one solution. We work with different data sources: DBs, SOAP, REST. Some entities and structures have similar fields sets: fields are either the same or have similar names. In the attachment there is 50 fields assignment.

Solution: automated mapping tool in assignments. 1 structure/entity from 1 module mapped to 2nd structure/entity. If fields has same type and name - they are mapped automatically. If names are similar like "StatusFinancial <---> status__c" the mapping rule is created.

This will decrease development time and will provide our developers are powerful integration tool. And reduce the numbers of bugs when some fields were forgotten in the massive assignment.

Origin of the approach: Microsoft .Net. They use automated mapping tools for years. And this really decreases development time - just believe my 7 years experience. Let's "steal" this technology :)

Created on 20 Nov 2018
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Hi Anatoli,

Have you tried to assign GetContractsByExternalId.List.Current.Contract to Contract?

Hi Andre,

Thanks for this idea. This can help if you want to map 1 time. What about massive mappings?

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