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I have a structure that is populated within a foreach loop. At a certain point (in each cycle interaction) I have to clear the attribues of this structure. The idea I propose will be to be able to clear the variable through a "nullRecord" instead of doing an assignment where I am putting "null" for each attribute of the record.

Thank you.

Created on 20 Nov 2018
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Hi Fernando,

There's already a way to do that, creating an extra variable whose type is the structure and assigning it to the main variable to clear it. 

Does this work for you?


Hi Ricardo,

In fact that was the way that I did but seems to me that if we just assign our records to null it would be more intuitive.

Thanks for your feedback  ;)

Or a "RecordClear" function like there is "ListClear"? That would be nice and obvious what is happening and why.


Yes Justin, that could be awesome as well.


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Thanks for the idea Fernando