Show incompatible modules at the end of publish list (or warning message)

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When working in lager factories or those with a lot of references so some modules it would really help to sort the publish list where incompatible messages are shown last. This would help a lot with notifing the user that is publishing that module  there are incompatibles that needs some 'work'. A warning message would also do this trick.

See this screenshot for example:

Created on 20 Nov 2018
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The list is basically just an in-order representation of the consumers, so I'm not sure I'd like them to be at the bottom. However, a special message at the end would be nice ("There are incompatible consumers") would be nice.

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Why not an extra tab for this kind of thing. just like service center.

only when activating the tab it refreshes the list and shows the incompatibles.

Extra tab is a good idea

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On our radar

Hi Evert,

Thanks for your idea. We understand that this is something that can be improved and due to that I will mark it as under our radar for evaluation.

As soon as I have any news about it, I will let you know.